Explore the building blocks of excellence with Southwest Filter Company’s comprehensive range of high-caliber products. As industry leaders, we understand the critical role that each component plays in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of your process systems needs. We source and utilize only the most robust and effective materials, tested to withstand the rigors of demanding industrial environments. To learn more about the process that powers our world-class filtration, coalescing, and filtration solutions, contact us.


  • Gas Coalescers

  • Liquid-Liquid Coalescers

  • Liquid Filters

  • Gas Filters

  • Carbon Bed Filters

  • Multimedia Filters

  • Back-washable Filters

  • Process Conditioning Skids

  • Fully Automated Filtration or Coalescing Skid

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From specialized coalescing solutions to custom-engineered filtration systems, Southwest Filter Company offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet the diverse needs of your industry of choice. Our unparalleled engineering expertise make us the go-to choice for tackling even the most complex process challenges. Trust us to deliver not just solutions, but the best solutions for your operation.

Southwest Filter Culture

At Southwest Filter Company, our culture is our cornerstone. We are a team of problem solvers and solution finders, driven by a shared passion for innovation and engineering excellence. Our collaborative environment fosters creativity, encourages continuous learning, and empowers every team member to contribute to our legacy of industry leadership. It's this culture that sets us apart and enables us to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients.


Discover how Southwest Filter Company has revolutionized filtration and coalescing solutions across diverse industries. Our case studies offer an in-depth look at the challenges we've tackled, the solutions we've engineered, and the value we've delivered to our clients.


Pioneering the Future of Filtration and Coalescing


What industries do Southwest Filter Company's products serve?

Our filtration, coalescing, and separation solutions are designed for a wide range of industries, including hydrocarbon processing, natural gas, petrochemicals, refineries, LNG plants, and much more.

How does Southwest Filter Company ensure the quality of its products?

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures, and we adhere to industry-leading standards to guarantee reliability and performance.

Can Southwest Filter Company provide custom-engineered solutions?

Absolutely. Our team of expert engineers will work with you to design and manufacture custom solutions tailored to your specific filtration, coalescing, and separation needs.

What sets Southwest Filter Company's culture apart?

Our culture is built on innovation, problem-solving, and engineering excellence. This collaborative environment empowers our team to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible in filtration, coalescing, and separation technology.

How can I get in touch for a consultation or quote?

You can reach out to us by clicking this link and filling out our form, or call us directly at (918) 835-1179. Our team is eager to assist you with your filtration, coalescing, and separation challenges.


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