Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Liquified Natural Gas Facility

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Cheniere’s Sabine Pass Liquified Natural Gas Facility
Sabine Parrish, Louisiana

Located in Southwest Louisiana on the Gulf Coast, Cheniere’s Sabine Pass is one of the largest LNG export facilities in North America. A pioneering LNG facility, Sabine Pass has been exporting LNG since 2016. Using multiple liquefaction trains optimized for international transportation, Sabine Pass is ready for ever-increasing global LNG demand.


All process filtration & coalescing units for entire facility.


Over 4.68 Billion Standard Cubic Feet Processed Per Day



Gas Coalescers from 89”OD

Liquid Filters from 60”OD

Carbon Bed Filters from 155”OD


A few hundred miles down the Gulf Coast, Southwest Filter Company has also supplied Cheniere’s entire Corpus Christi LNG facility with 100% of all process filtration and coalescing units for all its large-scale trains.


What industries do Southwest Filter Company's products serve?

Our filtration, coalescing, and separation solutions are designed for a wide range of industries, including hydrocarbon processing, natural gas, petrochemicals, refineries, LNG plants, and much more.

How does Southwest Filter Company ensure the quality of its products?

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures, and we adhere to industry-leading standards to guarantee reliability and performance.

Can Southwest Filter Company provide custom-engineered solutions?

Absolutely. Our team of expert engineers will work with you to design and manufacture custom solutions tailored to your specific filtration, coalescing, and separation needs.

What sets Southwest Filter Company's culture apart?

Our culture is built on innovation, problem-solving, and engineering excellence. This collaborative environment empowers our team to continually push the boundaries of what's possible in filtration, coalescing, and separation technology.

How can I get in touch for a consultation or quote?

You can reach out to us by clicking this link and filling out our form, or call us directly at (918) 835-1179. Our team is eager to assist you with your filtration, coalescing, and separation challenges.


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