Company History

For over 50 years, Southwest Filter Company has been providing solutions to difficult coalescing and filtration applications.  Our equipment is found in installations throughout the world.  Southwest Filter has built a reputation for excellence in our innovative design and superior fabrication capabilities.  Southwest Filter is a privately-owned corporation and as such, the owners take active leadership in the business.

Southwest Filter Company designs and manufactures filtration equipment for use in the hydrocarbon process, hydrocarbon transportation, production and natural gas industries.  These products can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Liquid/Liquid Coalescers
  • Liquid/Gas Coalescers
  • Liquid/Solids Filters
  • Gas/Solid Filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters
  • Skidded (Modular) Filtration for Amine, Glycol, Waste Water & Fuel Gas
  • Skid-Mounted Production Separators
  • Skid-Mounted Test Separators
  • Filter/Separators

All of the products have widespread use in refineries, LNG plants, production facilities, natural gas plants, pipelines and petrochemical plants.

The liquid/liquid coalescer is used to separate two immiscible fluids.  An example is liquid hydrocarbon and water.

The gas/liquid coalescer removes a hydrocarbon or water mist from a gas stream.  This type of equipment is used in refineries, gas pipeline applications or natural gas processing plants.

Skid-mounted filter/separators for removing both solids and liquids from a natural gas stream are widely used in pipeline applications, natural gas process plants and refineries.

The skid-mounted production separators and test separators are used in oil and gas production.  This equipment can be routinely found on offshore platforms and new oil and gas fields being developed.  Their primary purpose is making a separation of the liquids and gasses and providing a preliminary measurement of each.  Southwest Filter Company has provided these products for offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Africa and the Caspian Sea; and onshore throughout North America, Africa, South America, Russian and Asia.

The activated carbon filters are provided in both bulk bed or canister type.  Southwest Filter also designs activated carbon filtration skid systems which can include a prefilter, activated carbon filters and an after filter with all associated piping, valves and instrumentation.  An example of usage for this type of equipment is in an amine system, glycol system or a wastewater cleanup system.

As you can see, Southwest Filter has been established in the industry for many years and has a very prestigious list of clients.  It is our desire that we may add your firm to our list of clients.